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We are EAA Chapter 1327, State College, PA. Our mission is to promote recreational aviation in and around central Pennsylvania.

Our region provides friendly skys, beautiful scenery, and a variety of aviation activities. We meet at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of the month in the General Aviation Building at University Park Airport. All are welcome, come join us.


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Meeting Notes

Minutes, Sept 1, 2011

Ron Bowman, presiding.

We reviewed the recent Aviation Awareness Day. All agreed Malcolm Morrison had done a splendid job, and we thanked him. It was suggested we provide several walkie-talkies next year,  and also have our fluorescent EAA tee shirts returned to us by those who have no wish to keep them.  Their re-use would save us $7 each.

Dave Dix, Treasurer, reported a balance of $1342.05, with tee shirts not yet billed to us.

Jeff Elnitski had offered a free hangar at the Bellefonte Airport for EAA projects. It has power, and needs lights, winterization, and cleanup. We would pay for power usage, and place an EAA sign on it. Ron will have a few members look into this further.

We learned that the PSU California electric plane contest was postponed.

We reverted to our original date of October 1 & 2 for our flyin (Ron, at Centre Airpark?) Volunteers will be needed for a Prep Party Thursday night and after the event. EAA Chapter 518 will work with us. Bob Grove will be in charge, Gary Hile will assist (Ron, is this his role?) Bob Hyduke will again provide movies. We have a breakfast 8-11am, and also do brunch if 518 wishes, or else a covered dish dinner.

Sept. 10 we’ll hold another flyin with 518 (Ron, where? Hile involved?

Minutes, August 4, 2011

Meeting was opened at UNV’s conference room at 7:06PM with President Ron Bowman conducting the meeting.  17 were in attendance

A moment of silence was observed for Aileen “Cookie” Homan.  John Zimmerman (son-in-law) reported on Elwood “Stick” Homan’s (Widower) adapting to the loss of his partner of 65 years as pretty good, folks are invited to drop by and visit with Stick; it’s a big, lonely house without Aileen.

The computer was delivered to the Discovery Space facility on Allen St to power the simulator we’ve loaned for the use of the children.  Ron Bowman is setting up, reports having some calibration problems.  Asked membership for volunteers to work with the kids on the simulator.

Treasurer Dave Dix reported 2295.56 in the treasury after expenditures of about 900.00 for the computer we had built for the Discovery Space simulator and 225.00 for the Yoke and Pedal enhancement.  Ziggy Coyle was reimbursed 325.00 for the Pig Roast.  Received 12 bucks dues at the meeting, Balance approximately 1500.00.

Pres. Bowman reported ordering 30 fluorescent green T shirts for use at the Airport Awareness Day later this month at a cost of about 7 bucks each.  They’ll be imprinted with EAA Chapter 1327.com on the back and are intended to identify to the public the folks who may be able to answer questions or otherwise assist visitors to the event.

Mid-State Airport is having and event on August 20th from 8AM-4PM with a WWII theme, intended to honor vets of that era.  A ceremony to honor the vets is scheduled for 11AM.  We, as well as the Clearfield chapter have been asked to provide Young Eagles flights.  Someone is catering both lunch and dinner, at a fee.

Our Fly-in, Apt Awareness day is still scheduled for Aug 27th.

Bellefonte Apt, Elnitskis, have offered a hangar for free for the chapter to use for a project.  Ron and Malcolm will meet with them at 4PM on August 5th, 2011 to evaluate the opportunity.

Motion to move Fall Fly-in (First weekend in October) to the 24th and 25th of September was tabled after some discussion after potential conflicts need to be considered.  Chapter 518’s participation needs to be considered and whether Bob Grove does want to retire from the responsibility he has shouldered for the years of its’ existence.

August 27th, Aviation Awareness Day, ram-roded by Malcolm

                Still need an Advertising and awareness coordinator, Malcolm is overworked already and needs help, but no one stepped forward (doubt anyone else feels competent either)

                3 Official greeters have signed up: Tom Hausknecht, Ziggy Coyle and jay Claster

                Photographer is expected to be John Flohr, with Denny sager taking pictures of the Young Eagles who are flying

                The paper work at the Young Eagles desk will be handled by Lloyd Huck and Ray Masters

                Pilots and crew to fly the Young Eagles are Francois and ?, Bob and Tina Hyduke, John Zimmerman and Dave Bauchspies, Steve Dershimer and Jerry Bierley, Dave Dix and ? also may participate

                Numerous display aircraft are desired and some have promised to participate, others are still being contacted.

                The breakfast is being put on by the airport, in the big Maintenance hangar beginning at 8AM.  Displays to open at 9AM, suggested that have everything in place by 8:30AM.  Young Eagles to begin about 9, weather permitting.

Malcom Morrison reported having recently gotten through the FAA inspection for air-worthiness on his amateur built experimental Titan Tornado, and gave an enlightening report on the requirements for tight record keeping and intense form requirements.

Meeting adjourned with lots of discussions from the participants at the most recent AirVenture in Oshkosh as well as pictures.  Heard from were Malcolm, Don Bierley, Bob Hyduke, Cheryl Bohn, and  Ron Bowman.  Cheryl Bohn and Bob ??? announced they are becoming Light Sport Dealers for the Pipistrel LSA.

Respectfully submitted by Steve Dershimer, substituting for Jay Claster


Minutes, June 2, 2011

Ron Bowman, Presiding

 Dave Dix, Treasurer, reported a balance of $2620.56

 Ron reminded us of the ongoing EAA program, Take Someone Flying.  The passengers receive a free, trial EAA membership. 

Our Annual Picnic, a Bar-B-Que and Potluck, will be held 4pm Sunday, July 10 at the home of Ziggy Coyle and Dave Bauchspies, rain or shine. Directions will accompany the notice. Bring a covered dish and your own beverages, chairs, plates, utensils, side arms, and tent canopies if you have one. Our chapter will cover the cost of the pig roast and rental .

 Malcolm Morrison, Chairman of our 3’d Annual EAA/PSU Aviation Awareness Day on  Saturday, August 27, 9am to noon at UNV., reported on its planning. We have applied to EAA HQ for inclusion in their event insurance. We’ll assign one Ground Safety Person to each plane giving Young Eagle rides, and also need a Coordinator and Guides for the Static Displays, and a/c data person to handle the hang tags on each display plane. PSU will do PR and also have a breakfast available to the public for a fee. We will obtain about 20 colorful T shirts to identify line volunteers


The chapter met Thursday night, 2/6/10 and the new website and Facebook pages were introduced. The CAP from Mid State airport attended and talked about a summer aviation camp. Our next meeting may be at Bellefonte where we can see some aircraft under repair.


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