EAA 1327

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Gliders, or sailplanes can fly without the aid of an engine. Made from wood, metal, or composites, and having one or two seats, these sleek craft have glide ratios as high as 60 to 1. Central PA is a hot bed of glider flying. Pilots ride the air currents at speeds over 120 MPH and distances over 1000 miles. Glider training and rides are available at Ridge Soaring Gliderport.

Most active glider pilots belong to the Soaring Society of America

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Tom and Dave's ASW-15

Tom Houseknecht and Dave Dix co-own this Schleicher ASW-15. It is a 15 meter wingspan, single seat, filerglass glider that was made in Germany in 1969. It has a glide ratio of 36 to 1.

Jerry Gross's Woodstock

Jerry Gross is moving right along with the construction of his homebuilt Woodstock sailplane. The Woodstock is built from plans and constructed mostly of wood with fabric covering.

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Ray Masters Moni Motor Glider

Ray Masters is building a Moni motor glider. It is constructed from aluminum sheets that are riveted together and will be launched into the air using a small two cylinder motor.