EAA 1327

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Homebuilt Airplanes

Homebuilt airplanes, or Ametuer Built Experimental as they are properly known are constructed from kits or from plans using a variety of materials. Construction takes from several hundred to several thousand hours.

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Don Bierly's RV-8

Don Bierly as built a beautiful RV-8 from a kit. The RV-8 is a fast two seat airplane made from aluminum sheet and lots of rivets.

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Malcolm Morrison's Pietenpol Aircamper

Malcolm Morrison has been building a Pietenpol Aircamper since 2002. The Aircamper is built from plans drawn in 1929. It is a two seat airplane made of wood, covered with fabric, and powered by a 1965 Chevy Corvair engine.

Jerry Gross's Woodstock

Jerry Gross is moving right along with the construction of his homebuilt Woodstock sailplane. The Woodstock is built from plans and constructed mostly of wood with fabric covering.

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Ray Masters Moni Motor Glider

Ray Masters is building a Moni motor glider. It is constructed from aluminum sheets that are riveted together and will be launched into the air using a small two cylinder motor.

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Malcolm Morrison's Kolb MKII

Malcolm Morrison's Kolb MKII is a two seat kit built homebuilt made from aluminum tubing and covered with fabric. It is powered by a 46 hp engine.

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Tom "Rex" Pryde's J3 Kitten

Tom Pryde's J3 Kitten is a single seat homebuilt made of metal tubing and wood, covered with fabric and powered by a 45 hp engine.

Malcolm Morrison's Titan Tornado 1

Malcolm finished this single seat Titan Tornado 1 and received the Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA in July 2011. It is powered by a 52 HP Rotax engine and cruises at 90 MPH.