Chapter News

December 30 - Due to other commitments, Linda Spanos has stepped down as chapter treasurer.  Dave Dix will take over that duty. The chapter would like to thank both Linda and Dave for their service.

October 4 - We had another great fly-in / drive-in / camp-in weekend at the Centre Air Park (N16).  The morning fog kept a few away, but the overall turnout was good.  Check out the slide show from our friends: http://www.flickr.com/photos/otisair/tags/n16/show/

August 9 - Several chapter members and other local pilots attended the Clearfield fly-in breakfast.  Those who flew in, including Tom Pryde and Malcolm Morrison were treated to a free meal.  The weather was great as were the pancakes.

July 11, 2008 - We had our meeting at the Centre Air Park this month.  There was a good turn out with members, spouses, kids, and pets in attendance and all enjoyed hot dogs, chips, mac & cheese, brownies, refreshments, etc.  Flights were taken in aircraft attending including J-3, Super Cruiser, Champ, Chief, Cessna 140, Kolb.  Several members camped at the airport and resumed flying in the morning.  We were treated to pancakes and bacon for breakfast (thanks Lynn).  Thanks to Jack Garbrick for hosting us at his airport, and to Dave Dix, Ron Bowman, Bob Grove, and all of the others that I probably missed for making this a successful event.

Jan 9 - Don Bierly hosted the chapter meeting on January 6 at his workshop. This was our yearly winter "hands on" meeting where we all got to see and try some new things. Ray Masters demonstrated a plasma cutter that we then got to play with. Gerry Gross demonstrated how the ribs are made for the Woodstock glider project that he is building. And Jack Erickson gave a presentation on opposed aircraft engines. Jack has a web site that we will be including in our links that has lots of interesting information. us at University Park Airport.

Nov 9 - Here's some pictures that I just received of the DC-3 that visited us at University Park Airport.

Nov 6 - Elections were held at the November meeting. Officers for 2005 are as follows: President - Steve Dershimer , Vice President - Ray Masters , Treasurer - Denny Sager , Secertary - Malcolm Morrison

Nov 6 - Here are a few pictures from the fly-in weekend that was held at the Centre Air Park. This event was co-sponsored by the Lewistown chapter.

Nov 6 - Back in May our chapter, along with the chapter from Clearfield, organized a fly-in at Mid State airport. Here are a few images from the event. As you can see the weather was great and the event was a huge success. Later we will post a more detailed write-up on the event.

Oct 20 - Well, you're looking at the most recent bit of news. The chapter now has a website. Hopefully we can all use this resource to help communicate chapter events, buisness, and fun stuff. Take a look around the site if you haven't done so already. There is a splash of content on most of the pages to give you an idea of what we might include. We need input from you to fill in more. If you have info on your projects, news, chapter history, events of interest for the calendar, or other links to include, please send them to Malcolm Morrison morrisons5@adelphia.net. Enjoy the site!