Member Planes and Projects

Bob Grove - Aeronca Champ

Bob Groves Aeronca Champ

Bob Grove - Kolb Firestar

Bob Grove climbing out in his Kolb Firestar posered by a Rotax 447

John Corneal - Challenger

John Corneals Challenger

John Erickson - Aeronca Chief

John Ericksons Aeronca Chief

Dave Dix - Cessna 140

Dave Dix and his Cessna 140

Bill and Randy Kilmer - J3 Piper Cub

Bill and Randy Kilmers J3 Piper Cub

Ziggy Coyle - PPG

Ziggy Coyle and Dave fly powered parachutes from their home base in Buffalo Run on quiet evenings like the one in the picture.

Robert Hyduke - 1978 Cessna Cardinal RG

1978 Cessna Cardinal RG (C177RG).  Retractable gear, constant speed prop,
200 HP fuel injected Lycoming, 28 volt electrical system, Garmin GNS 430,
King KX-155, Garmin GMA 340 audio panel, single axis autopilot, JPI EDM-800
engine monitor (includes 4 cyl CHT, 4 cyl EGT, fuel flow, manifold pressure,
RPM, % horsepower, OAT, etc), 145 kt cruise at 70% power.

Gerry Gross - Woodstock Sailplane

Gerry has fuselage and tail nearly complete and the wings well under way.

Malcolm Morrison - Pietenpol Air Camper

Malcolm started the project from plans in September 2002. He has all of the major pieces built and is nearing the covering stage. The converted Chevy Corvair engine and home made prop have been run and perform well.   Malcolm's website

Malcolm Morrison - Kolb MKII

Malcolm bought the Kolb in December 2007 and performed a little needed TLC on it. The Kolb lives in a trailer at Ridge Soaring gliderport. It takes about 30 minutes to rig the wings and tail to get it ready to fly.   Malcolm's website

Malcolm Morrison and Dave Dix - Schleicher ASW-15

Malcolm Morrison and Dave Dix co-own this single seat sailplane along with Tom Houseknect.   Malcolm's website

Tom Pryde - J3 Kitten

Tom has completed the J3 Kitten and is now flying it, powered by a Zenoah.